Brano straniero


Autori: Pierluigi Giombini, Michael Anthony James, Samuel Joseph James, Mario Fargetta, Luca Mendini, Cencito
Genere: Dance
In a meeting of musical minds, the dynamic duo Get Far & LennyMendy and the dj/producer Miner V have come together for their first-ever collaboration. “Only You and I” is an interpolation of Web’s 1999 hit “Lovin’ Times” which borrows the distinctive synth and chorus melody from the original song. In 2000 “Lovin’ Times” reached the top ten of the sales charts in most of Europe, now Get Far, LennyMendy and Miner V have reworked that tune and produced a new stunning song that is both infectious and irresistible. The trio showcases its production prowess adding catchy verses, modern sounds and captivating grooves. With “Only You and I” they have created a perfect fusion of retro 2000’s dance-pop and the more recent house sound, with a feel-good guitar riff and riveting anthemic synths under Brave Culture energetic vocals that make for an impeccable playlist track.

Mario Allione